The Czech Architecture Foundation was established with the mission to present architecture as an integral part of contemporary culture. Through its grants, CAF supports exhibition, lecture and publication efforts in the field of Czech and international architecture. The CAF does not implement its own projects, does not support schools of architecture, nor does it subsidise professional practice of individual architects. The CAF is the operator of two galleries of architecture: The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague and 4AM/Gallery of Architecture in Brno. The seat of the CAF is in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague, the office on the base of the servitude in Masarykovo nábřeží 250 - Mánes building, Prague 1. From the reason of the Mánes reconstruction the CAF´s office is temporary on the new address: FA ČVUT in Prague, Thákurova 9, 166 29 Prague 6.

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Oskar Poříska 1897 - 1982, publication

Petr Pelčák and Ivan Wahla prepared the next publication from the editor´s series of the Municipal House Brno Association aimed at Brno avant-garde architecture. Oskar Poříska, the representative of "Brno white functionalism" designed many of important Brno municipal buildings. He was awarted by the gold medal on the World´s exhibition in Milan (1933), Brussels (1935) and Paris (1937). The publication together with the exhibition, which took place in the 4AM/GA Gallery in December 2011 in Brno, works out systematically on the work of this founder of the Brno functionalism.

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From own founding NČA helps to organize lots of exhibitions and to publish many books. Foundation supports two architecture galleries as well – Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague and Gallery of Architecture in Brno. Both galleries are placed in the foundation buildings.
In order to comply with the amendment of the Foundations Act, both galleries are rented to civic associations. The rent of the space is symbolical in the amount of CZK 1 per year.