The Czech Architecture Foundation was established with the mission to present architecture as an integral part of contemporary culture. Through its grants, CAF supports exhibition, lecture and publication efforts in the field of Czech and international architecture. The CAF does not implement its own projects, does not support schools of architecture, nor does it subsidise professional practice of individual architects. The CAF is the operator of two galleries of architecture: The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague and 4AM/Gallery of Architecture in Brno. The seat of the CAF is in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague, the office on the base of the servitude in Masarykovo nábřeží 250 - Mánes building, Prague 1. From the reason of the Mánes reconstruction the CAF´s office is temporary on the new address: FA ČVUT in Prague, Thákurova 9, 166 29 Prague 6.

NCA Assets

The Czech Architecture Foundation owns two properties in Prague and Brno. Both are historical buildings situated in the city centre. The buildings are commercially rented and generate permanent income for the Foundation.

Prague - Betlemské náměstí 5a
Our Prague property has an intriguing historical development and a significant relationship with the adjacent Bethlehem Chapel. The medieval owner, a wealthy townsman, was known to be the benefactor of the Bethlehem Chapel. It is presumed that Master Jan Hus was a resident of the building. Later the building served as the Nazareth Residence Hall for the Charles University. Originally consisting of two town houses the architect Jaroslav Fragner joined the houses together in a hypothetical gothic revamp in 1949-1953.
The Prague property houses the architecture focused Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, and the Klub Architektů restaurant. In 2008 the gallery went through refurbishment to enlarge and improve its exhibition spaces. A new office space has been incorporated into the attic to administer the whole building. Since April 2009 the Fraktaly bookshop has been replaced by a new design shop Futurista Universum. Since 2013 the ground floor also houses a small art bookshop of the publishing house Arbor Vitae.

Brno - Starobrněnská 16/18
Our Brno building is a complicated medieval cluster with a long history. It originally consisted of two gothic town houses. In 1615 these town houses have been joined together with the adjacent Dum Panu z Kunstatu. In 1713 the whole complex was rebuilt into a trading bazaar which completed the development of two narrow wings connecting to Dum Panu z Kunstatu.
The building houses the Brno Architecture Gallery (GAB), the BEC language school, book store Knižní Klub, the Poutník and U Rytíře beer halls. The current technical state of the building is not great and maintenance costs exceed the maintenance costs in Prague.

Other Assets
Alongside these buildings the NCA assets consist of incomes from NIF in the total amount of 36,5 mil. CZK. The total amount of the registered assets of the NCA is 71,056,390 CZK – further details can be found in the Foundation Register.